When you think of Italy, usually the first thing that comes to mind is PIZZA!! 

We are obsessed with all things pizza & we make it our mission to find the best pizza everywhere that we go!!! 

So you better believe that we hit the ground running in Rome with the intention to sniff out & taste the best pizza in town!! 

For all the deets & to see everywhere that we went….watch our Roman Pizza & Gelato Tour on Youtube: HERE

Here is a list of some of our favorite spots:
(We also threw in some of our favorite gelato spots)

Dar Poeta: Yummy pizza & cheap but amazing liters of house wine
Casa Manco: Our favorite Roman Pizza …because of special crust
Pizzeria da Baffetto: Bobby Flays fav Pizza spot
iL Corallo: Our food tour guides fav pizza place in Rome

Travsessed Pro Tip: Not all Gelato is created the same & we give you all the insider tips
& teach you everything that you need to know to find the best…REAL ….quality gelato in Rome in our video above:)

Here were a few of our fav spots:
Frigidarium: next to Pizzeria da Baffetto
The Desserts of Checco Er Carettiere: Food tour guides fav spot…tiny hole in the wall spot…very easy to walk by Otaleg: Trastevere neighborhood

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