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If something goes wrong or breaks on your Travsessed backpack. First off we are so sorry & please know that we are constantly trying to upgrade and make improvements to make Travsessed the best travel backpack out there!!

So PLEASE REACH OUT if you have any issues. If we don’t know about it we can’t fix it. We are all a team when it comes to building the best and most durable Travel backpack on the market.

So, Email us using the email form, or directly at [email protected] let us know what happen and we will do everything to make it right? We don’t want you going on any Adventure without your Travsessed Backpack!!

Email us using this form on this page, or email us directly at [email protected].

You can also text “Customer Service” to (904) 474-8435, and that is a direct line of communication with us. You will not be put on a marketing list and we will not text you unless you need something. This line is used for Customer Service ONLY!!

Shipping inside the USA is FREE for the Travsessed Backpack. There will be additional shipping costs for the Merch. We do not ship outside the USA at this time.

Our return policy is SIMPLE!! If you have an issue, we will make it right. Email us with your concerns and issues and we will find a solution.

If you want to return your backpack, email us, let us know why you and the backpack weren’t vibing, and we will send you a return label.

Great question, it is arriving via Amazon because we use Amazon to store, pack, and ship our products.

If you are a Healthcare Traveler, that wants to share your story to inspire others and add value, then we would love for you to reach out and be a guest on our show. You can email us using the form on this page or directly at [email protected]

We love to share our story about healthcare traveling and how this lifestyle has allowed us to create the life of our dreams. We love teaching other healthcare professionals, students, and fellow travelers about what is possible for them as healthcare travelers.

Even if you are not in healthcare currently but looking for a new career and want to find a unique way to make great money, have endless amounts of freedom to travel the world, use this lifestyle to create a business of your own, and ultimately create a life that fits your wants and desires……

We aim to inspire, entertain, and ultimately crack people open to all creative possibilities.

For all guest appearance and speaking engagements email us directly at [email protected]

Have a Question, or Just Say “HI”

We are here for both of those.

Email us below using the form, and we will try and respond within 24-48 hours!!