Adventure Trips

For Active Adventurers

make new friends & memories that will last a lifetime.

Meet New Friends & Explore The World…..
No planning Required!!

we create one of a kind, small group, boutique travel experiences for healthcare workers  (and their friends or partners)

Unique, Personalized Itineraries:

No Planning Required:

We plan & organize everything + handle all of the logistics…so all you have to do is show up with an open mind…a positive attitude & be ready to explore, connect & have fun with your new travel buddies!!!

RELAX & Let us handle all the details & trip planning things.

Small Group Trips:

We keep the groups small (10-14 people) to create a more personal, intimate experience where we can all connect, have fun & get to know each other better!

We are obsessed with creating the perfect group dynamic, making sure you feel like you’re traveling with friends from the very beginning. 

Off The Beaten Path Adventures:

We always get off the beaten path & dive into the local culture, food, people & experiences!

We go beyond the surface & way past the “highlights” to create experiences that will give you a deeper perspective, understanding & appreciation for the places you visit.

About Travsessed Adventures

We’re Kim & Erran, a healthcare traveling couple & the founders of travsessed.

We are travelers who are obsessed with travel!! We love traveling and researching & planning and we put our heart, souls and so much love and thought into every single detail and trip that we plan!!

We create one of a kind, small group, boutique travel experiences for healthcare workers (and their friends or partners)

We work closely with small local businesses, friends, and local guides to create a unique, one of a kind experience that YOU WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!!

We value your time & you don’t have to be afraid of wasting your hard earned money on mediocre experiences with us….

When you sign up for a Travsessed Trip…you’re gonna be blown away!!

We plan & organize all the things…so that you don’t have to & then we have a really….Really good time:)!!!

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Active adventuers who want to get outside their comfort zones, and have an epic experience with new travel friends.

They embrace the total experience over comforts.  They can at times embrace the suck ie weather, tents, no showers, hard hiking days, and appreciate their personal victories 

They are for people that love experiencing new things, and that respect the local culture and love learning about where they are.

A person who can be supportive, positive, and inclusive within the group. 

They are for people who have an open mind, positive attitude and a willingness to try new things & push themselves physically.

If you are someone who wants to party all night and lounge by the pool all day….Travsessed trips are not for you!!! 

Our trips are very go go go & we like to experience as much as we can in the time that we have.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to be active or walk….Travsessed trips are not for you!! 

If pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, and  trying new things is not your style, then these aren’t your trips

90% of our groups are all solo travelers too!! 

You’ll meet so many cool, like minded friends on this adventure!! 

We have so many lasting friendships created from these trips.

Don’t worry we’ve got you!! When we say we have you covered, we have you covered.  We provide a trip fb group, whatsapp group chat, direct access to us via email, so we can walk you through anything you might not know how to do.

We also send you a packing list, places and restaurants to check out during your downtime,  how to get local currency, tips, local facts to familiarize yourself with the local area, visa information, customs information, and we will provide video details of airports so you know exactly what to do when you arrive!! To top it off, there will be a driver waiting for you to take you to the hotel!!

Anyone with an open mind & a positive attitude are welcome on our trips! Our trips tend to be 90% healthcare workers just because that is who we are and the community that we talk to.

But if you have a friend or partner that doesn’t work in healthcare that wants to join…They are more than welcome:)!!! 

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to our adventures! While the average person who joins our trips are in their 30’s & 40’s, we’ve had guests in their early 20’s to 60’s join us as well!  

80% of the people on our trips are women!! We need more men for erran lol!!! 95% of people on our trips work in healthcare

Our trips are mostly solo travelers but we also have some couples, family members & friends join as well.