ATTN: Healthcare Travelers, Your Freedom and Adventure Awaits

work less, travel more, &

create a life on your terms

Replace the daily grind with a life filled with Freedom & Adventures.

In this course, you’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to jumpstart your career as a healthcare traveler and set yourself up for success, based on over 10 years of travel experience

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the information & noise out there about traveling And

you’re not sure where to begin?

Don’t Worry
we got ya covered

Travelers School takes EVERYTHING that you need to know and puts it ALL in one place…that’s STREAMLINED, Organized and EASY to navigate through!

The moment you enroll in Travelers School you will be guided & supported every step of the way!!!

We break it all down for you step by step…lesson by lesson!!!!

No more making rookie mistakes that are costing you TIME & MONEY….

No more wasting tons of valuable time…searching all over the googles…and the facebooks…trying to piece it all together yourself….

Travelers School takes the thought out of it for you & it answers the questions you didn’t even know that you had!!

travelers who’ve completed this online training have gone on to:

  • Make thousands of more dollars on contracts & extensions
  • Maximize pay for OT, Holiday & all Callbacks
  • Create more TIME, MONEY & FREEDOM in their lives!!
  • Design a life on their own terms
  • Work less & travel for FUN more!!

What You Get with Travelers School:

  • Instant & Lifetime access to 8 video modules (100+ lessons) & all future updates!!
  • Access to the private podcast, so that you can listen to the modules & LEARN ON THE GO!
  • Downloadable Worksheets, Guides, Resources & Checklists
  • Access to Private FB Group for live Q&A’s & Community Support
  • Exclusive mentorship & access to us
  • Over 10 years of travel knowledge & experience packed into ONE COURSE

A Brief Overview of the Travelers
School Modules….

Module 1

prepping for the road

Prepping For The Road…from taking time experience knowing your WHY…to packing/prepping to go..downsizing and living minimally…to mindset of a traveler!!

Module 2


How to MAXIMIZE YOUR PAY…What’s fair pay, understanding your pay package, where does your money go, comparing pay packages, tax homes, bill rates…& so much more!!

travelers school module 2-pichi

Module 3


How to work with the HIGHEST PAYING…most TRANSPARENT RECRUITERS in our industry…

Recruiter red flags, Working with multiple recruiters, job boards & tech

Module 4

Finding your first job


travelers school module 4
travelers school module 5

Module 5


Understanding WHAT you can NEGOTIATE..HOW to NEGOTIATE and most important WHY

Extensions, Red flags & comparing contracts this module alone has saved travelers thousands of dollars!!

Module 6


Our ENTIRE PROCESSTRICKS..TIPS..& TOOLS for finding your OWN HOUSING & SAVING the MOST MONEY in the process..

Airbnb hacks & HOW we’ve SAVED over 60k finding our own housing over the last 10 years!!

travelers school module 6

Module 7


FIRST DAY prep, DRAMA & POLITICS, LEARNING is our BEST GIFT, and how to DEAL with DIFFICULT CO-WORKERS on assignments!!

Module 8

Lifestyle of a Traveler



TS Student

Verified Purchase

Thank you for your constant support! You guys are such advocates for happiness and simply radiate joy! I think it makes what we do so much more special

Michelle G

Verified Purchase

There is no other resource out there like it! Travelers School is clearly outlined, easy to follow, very informative and fun! It is most definitely worth the money as an investment for my future. With Travelers School, I feel emboldened, empowered and enlightened as a practitioner about to embark on a travel life adventure!

Kaite P

Verified Purchase

Planning to travel was so overwhelming for me because I felt like there was so much I needed to learn, and had no one to help me! Now, I am feeling more prepared and so excited because of Travelers School. I want to thank you two for creating this wonderful course.

Jacquelyn G

Verified Purchase

Hi Kim and Erran! I just wanted to thank you guys so much for being such an amazing resource and making it possible for me to begin this traveling adventure! Thanks to you two and all the info I have learned while researching about traveling, I finally accepted my first contract today. I'll be spending this winter in Honolulu starting Nov 5!

TS Student

Verified Purchase

I feel like Travelers School provides a STRONG FOUNDATION upon which to build my travel life upon! There is no other resource out there like it!!

Susie F

Verified Purchase

I purchased Kim and Erran’s Travelers School. This is the best advice anyone can get if they want to be a traveler, or even for those who are already a traveling. The modules have taught me so much already.

I was asked to extend at my current contract, and after watching the module on negotiations I felt prepared and confident going into the talks. I knew what to ask for, and most importantly I understood why I was asking for it! These modules will put money in your pocket. I’m so happy to have Kim and Erran around, and I feel Travelers School is definitely going to make me an Empowered Traveler.

TS Student

Verified Purchase

Kim and Erran take complicated concepts and break them down in a way that makes it super easy to understand and digest…they make learning FUN!!

TS Student

Verified Purchase

Travelers School is an excellent course. I Made $1300 extra on a contract because I knew the right questions to ask and why. Kim and Erran have put a lot of good information & knowledge into this course.

TS Student

Verified Purchase

I would 100 percent recommend Travelers School. ! It has already saved me money, and time Everything in one spot, and you have access to it forever!

Also, Kim and Erran are incredible and will answer any personal questions you may have! Highly suggest it!! They answered questions I didn't even know I had.

TS Student

Verified Purchase

The price is an absolute steal. Their content has already saved me so much money…more than triple than what this course is being sold for…..when I was negotiating my first contract. If you're on the fence, make the investment in yourself!!

Karina C

Verified Purchase

I'm on week 2 of my first assignment and I got told today by one of the ultrasound techs who's worked here for 35 years that I am her favorite traveler so far! And they've had travelers on and off for 10 years! I know that the Mindset Maxims inside of Travelers School have been a huge part of that because it's all about your perspective. Thank you Kim & Erran You guys rock!

Travelers School is your One Stop Shop…

for EVERYTHING you need to
know to set yourself up for success
as a Healthcare Traveler!!

Bypass all the fluff and bad information out there…

We’ve done all the heavy lifting and hard work for you….

We’ve packed 10 years worth of knowledge & experience inside one course that you can binge on in ONE WEEKEND!!

Travelers School is loaded with so much value & tons of tangible tips that you can take away and apply right now!!

The lessons are self-paced…short and to the point…

So you can fit them into your busy schedule

We make learning FUN!!

All you have to do is show up and push play!!!!

What you learn inside THE-School will help you Travel Smarter, Make More Money & Have the best, most successful experience on the road…PERIOD!!

It’s Designed to put you in charge of what’s most important-
Your TIME, Your MONEY & Your FREEDOM!!

Get the clarity, tools and support you need to create the travel life of your dreams!

What you get with your
Travelers School purchase:

  • Instant & Lifetime access to 8 video modules (100+ lessons) & all future updates!!
  • Instantly Useable and Helpful Resources for Travelers
  • Downloadable Worksheets, Guides & Checklists
  • Private TS Podcast so that you can listen to the modules on the go
  • Private FB Group for live Q&A’s, Community support, and exclusive access to us

Travelers School is loaded with so much value & tons of tangible tips that you can take away and apply right now!!


**Travelers in this course have made $3,600 more on a single contract, based off the tips learned inside Travelers School**

That is OVER 7 TIMES the price of this course!!!

As veteran travelers, we can 100% say you won’t find this amount of value or incredible information anywhere on the web! We are here to empower you to go on your own journey without making the costly mistakes we made along the way. Consider us your Guides & Mentors here to accompany you as your adventures unfold.


Travelers School is a online comprehensive course for health care travelers!!

It’s a step by step 8 Module, interactive video-based training program that teaches healthcare travelers how to travel smarter, make more money, and have the best possible experience on the road.

Travelers School is very interactive and offers extra hands on support:

  • We will be very active and very present for the 8 weeks in the FB group, as we break each module down on a bi-weekly basis, and go through it with you. (We will be going in sequential order)
  • Each week we will cover one or two modules….we will do a live training in the group and recap that modules..diving deeper into what we’re learning….and leave space for any and all questions you might have.
  • Each week we will do a live Q&A in the group…checking in and making sure everyone is understanding what they’re learning.
  • We will be doing interviews with experts in the FB add even more support and connection for our students.

Travelers School is your One Stop Shop for Everything you need to know as a Healthcare Traveler!!

Keep scrolling for more details!!

Travelers School does all the heavy lifting and hard work for you. You don’t have to waste time and energy searching through this blog..watching multiple Youtube videos and scrolling through all the FaceBook forums..trying to piece it all together anymore!!
We take EVERYTHING you need to know and put it ALL in one place that’s organized and easy to navigate through!

IT’S YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for Everything Travel Healthcare!! #Priceless

We don’t graze the surface on topics..leaving you wanting more!

Oh No!! We dive deep into all the areas of the travel industry. We peel back all the layers we don’t hold anything back..and we break it all down into bite sized..easy to understand lessons!!

Travelers School Is One Of A Kind..there is NOTHING else out there like it!!!!

Travelers School is a 8 module, 8 week online interactive training! You will have INSTANT & LIFETIME access to ALL 8 MODULES once you ENROLL.

There’s a couple different ways to go through Travelers School:

  1. You can either dig in and binge watch all of the modules from start to finish in just a weekend, or take 6 months to get through all of the material…your course…your pace…your call!!
  2. Jump ahead to the lesson you want to learn about right now
  3. Or go through it week by week with us and the other students in the FB group.

It’s totally up to you!!

No matter how you choose to go through it…you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to Travelers School..and you’ll have access to all the new additions, updates, & resources we will be adding to it over time.

No matter your pace we will be there to support you throughout your journey!!

Online Courses are the new wave of teaching!! It’s how all the cool kids are learning these days!! It’s the more way of learning something new!

There are so many courses out there now you can literally take a course and learn about anything you want..!! We’ve taken tons of courses ourselves!!

A course is a way to learn and educate yourself in the privacy of your own home preferably in your PJ’s!!

It’s curriculum broken down and delivered to you all in one place!! You can connect and begin learning from anywhere in the long as there is an internet connection!!

The answer is YES!!

Unfortunately, we meet so many travelers (ourselves included) that have been traveling for years and don’t know and understand clearly the things we teach in this course. (we made so many mistakes & left so much money on the table for so many years..bc we just didn’t know any different!)

You don’t know what you don’t know..and this course answers questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had!

Its not about how long you’ve been a traveler….it’s about the quality and the accuracy of the info you’ve learned along the way!!

The answer is YES!!

Unfortunately, we meet so many travelers (ourselves included) that have been traveling for years and don’t know and understand clearly the things we teach in this course. (we made so many mistakes & left so much money on the table for so many years..bc we just didn’t know any different!)

You don’t know what you don’t know..and this course answers questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had!

Its not about how long you’ve been a traveler….it’s about the quality and the accuracy of the info you’ve learned along the way!!

The best investment you can make for yourself and your travel to take the time to educate yourself and learn all the important stuff NOW..and set yourself up for success from the beginning!!

No better time to start than right now!! By the time your ready to start your Traveling Adventure… you’ll be ready to rock and roll!!!

This course will have you way way way ahead of the game!

You won’t be worrying about the logistics of traveling, you will be making the best memories and enjoying the beautiful adventure that traveling healthcare offers!!

This course is a no brainer for you!!!


You have Lifetime Access to Travelers School!!
You can return to it as many times as you need to.

We will be constantly updating the course as the industry changes and as we learn more.

You will have access to all the future updates.

WE include Mindset Maxims at the end of every module!!
Because we believe when you marry the practical/logistical stuff…with the mindset/growth stuff…BOOM!!….

Your setting yourself up for GREATNESS!!!

creators of travelers school:

Travelers-School is taught by Kim & Erran Gipson, A Veteran Travel couple with 10+ years of travel knowledge & experience!!

Kim is a Sonographer & Erran is an IR tech, they have been traveling with their pug Mimi La Roux for over a decade!!

As leaders in the travel industry they share insights from their own experiences to Empower and Prepare new travelers for life on the road.

Kim and Erran are speakers at the wildly popular Travelers Conference (TravCon) in Las Vegas, and they also speak at colleges, educating and talking to students about the opportunities for travel once they graduate.

In 2012 Kim and Erran decided to listen to their hearts and take the leap. They left their full-time jobs, sold their house and everything they owned, and began the adventure of a lifetime!!

Making that transition gave them the freedom they had always craved and fueled their obsession for travel.

Since making the decision to start traveling way back in 2012…


Countries: 17
US States: 30+
And still counting!!

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