Our Story

We empower people to break free from the grind of everyday life, open their minds, and experience the freedom of travel.

Who are we

meet the travsessed™ team

Our Story

So a very long story short…

We were both working full-time in a hospital in Florida for 5 years…..

We were totally burnt out…

We felt like we were stuck in a grind…working our butts off…WITH NO TIME OFF…just trying to make ends meet…

We decided we didn’t want to live this way anymore & we were ready to make a big change

So in 2012, we decided quit our jobs… sell our house & everything that we owned

We packed up our car….

And set out to begin this crazy adventure as Healthcare Travelers.
We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into at the time…

It turned out to be the best decision that we ever made….

Making that transition gave us the freedom we craved and fueled our obsession for travel.

Travsessed was born out of a desire to inspire & empower others to:

Bust through their comfort zones…

Break free from the daily grind

Create more freedom in their lives

Map their own paths and Always Stay Travsessed

Travel Changes Us And Our Outlook On Life.

Travel is always there, waiting for you to just GO. To go against the current, and to go do something different. It can be a short weekend in the woods, or a few months abroad, it can be a new city or a new continent, or even something as simple as walking home a different way.

Shake up your life in small unexpected ways and you’ll see the powerful effects that can have on your energy, joy, and even relationships! Don’t get stuck in a rut, look up and see the possibilities that await. The best stories are those that unfold between the pages of your passport, in unexpected places, and with strangers who become
lifelong friends!

We dare you to take the road less traveled and become TRAVSESSED just like us!

Kim & Erran


People ask us why we quit our
jobs and sold everything

the more we grow…
the more we give

We’re on a mission to make a positive impact through the power of travel…

As a result, a portion of all profits generated goes into the Travsessed Impact Fund, which supports organizations that are making a positive impact in the world!!

Every single backpack sale contributes to this fund!! Together as a community….We are making a difference

our mission

Travsessed was created to push people out of their comfort zones, and purposefully seek adventure. We believe with new experiences people can enrich their lives, and push the limits of what they never knew or ever thought was possible. We also want to be an example of how you can give back and make a positive impact while having fun and exploring the world.


what they say about us

“I love this backpack for many reasons but the number one reason is the convenient straps that can hold your cell phone and important documents..”
Thomas J Rotolo
“This is such a great pack to keep your valuables safe and organized. RFID to protect your personal information and pockets in front to keep you organized…”
United States