We are big foodies & FOOD is one of the main reasons why we love traveling so much!! 

Learning about a new city & culture through its food is one of our favorite things to do & Rome is the perfect city for any foodie traveler to get lost in!! 

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One of the first things that we do when we get to any new city…

We take a food tour….either a private tour or with a group.

Food tours are a great way to get a lay of the land, learn about the culture, try all the yummy food & get insider tips of where to eat & drink from a local!!! 
Travsessed Tip: We ask our guide all the places he/she would take their friends to eat and drink….we try to avoid all the super touristy places. We make a list in our phones & spend the rest of our time trying out the places they recommend!

We booked our food tour through the Trastevere neighborhood with Eating Europe.

Our guide’s name was Arturo and he was amazing!! 
His Whatsapp is +39 349 346 1337

Here is a list of some of our favorite places to eat in Rome & what to order:

Most of these places are in the Trastevere Neighborhood

  • La Norcineria di Lacozzilli: Best Porchetta Sandwich
  • Casa Mia: Amazing Amatriciana Pasta
  • Augusto: great local spot
  • The Desserts of Checco Er Carettiere: BEST GELATO
  • Da Francesco: Great place to try the 4 Roman Pastas
  • Rimessa Riscoli’s: Pizza Bianco with Mortadella
  • Dilla: Get the Meatballs & anything with won’t regret it
  • Mordi e Vai in the Testaccio Market: Incredible special sandwiches
  • Mimi and Coco’s: Great place for Aperitif & incredible homemade focaccia bread
  • Donkey Punch: Amazing build your own sandwiches
  • Casa Monca: Our favorite Roman Pizza
  • Dar Poeta: Great pizza & wine
  • Ginger: Great for a healthy American style breakfast
  • Testaccio Market: Incredible market with so many yummy food stalls

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