Our FAVORITE Pizza and Gelato while we were in Rome!!

In this video, we take you to our favourite pizza and gelato places during our two weeks in Rome, Italy and we share everything we’ve learned & our best tips to help you find the local, non-touristy places to eat!!

0:00 Intro
0:30 Kim and Erran G Intro (Travsessed)
1:28 First Stop
1:51 Pizzeria da Baffetto Roman Pizza Stop #1
2:45 Different Types of Roman Pizza
5:19 Kim’s Fun Fact #1
6:01 Kim G Pro Tip #1
8:02 Frigidarium Gelato Stop #1
9:19 Gelato Fact Check #1
9:45 Kim G Pro Tip #2
10:04 Gelato Fact Check #2
10:54 Gelato Fact Check #3
11:37 AH-Mazing Street Violinist
12:02 Comment Below to Let Us Know (Structure or Painting)
12:29 Going to iL Corallo (Roman Pizza #2)
16:38 2nd Gelato Stop (Arturo Favorite) The Desserts at Der
17:49 Gelato Fact Check #4
18:23 Gelato Fact Check #5
19:26 Testacchio Market (Best Roman Slice) Roman Pizza #3
20:23 Casa Manco New Restaurant in Trastevere as well
22:59 Roman Pizza Origin Story (Might BE TRUE)
24:04 Dar Poeta (Our Personal Favorite)
26:55 Otaleg Gelato #3
28:27 Bloopers

All Restaurants and Gelateria’s visited are listed in the Chapters Above

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