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Travsessed is

heading to Oaxaca!!

  • Food
  • Culture
  • Adventure

About Travsessed Oaxaca

We fell in love with Oaxaca instantly & we can’t wait to share this vibrant city with you!!!

This trip is for all of our FOODIE ADVENTURERS OUT THERE!!! 

This trip will focus on: 

  • Food
  • Mezcal 
  • Culture

And it wouldn’t be a Travsessed trip without some hiking and outdoor adventures!!!! 

Oaxaca is the gastronomic center in Mexico and the home of Mezcal.

It’s a living, breathing, ALIVE city!!! 

Full of life….full of passion….full of color….full of tradition & full of deliciousness!!! 

With mouth watering food, the best mezcal in the world & tons of history, culture and tradition…. We instantly fell in love with Oaxaca!!! 

Oaxaca is a foodie/adventurers paradise & all the hype you hear about this colorful city surrounded by the Sierre Norte Mountains is true!!! 

If you want to get off the tourist path & experience the REAL MEXICO…..

Oaxaca is for you!!!!

If Mexico is the body…Oaxaca is the heart!!!

Let us take care of you!!

Get yourself to Oaxaca & we’ve got the rest covered!!!

We’ve already done all the researching, planning, organizing & heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is show up with an open mind…a positive attitude & be ready to RELAX, EXPLORE & HAVE FUN with your new travel buddies!!! 

So much thought, love, and detail went into the creation of this trip & we hope that you are just as obsessed & excited as we are!!!!

We’ve personally curated a unique & Special itinerary that you won’t find anywhere else

trip highlights:

  • 6 course food & cocktail pairing at a local chef’s amazing restaurant
  • Food tour where we will meet a local celebrity
  • Mezcal tour that will take us off the beaten path & into small batch, Mom & Pop Mezcal farms, where we will learn about the art of creating Mezcal, connect with the people who make it & also drink a lot of it!! 
  • Culture & history walking tour
  • The most fun and delicious cooking class
  • Two day hiking through the Sierre Norte Mountains + overnight sleeping in local village
  • Day trip out of the city and to Hierve el Aguas & natural mineral pools
  • So much delicious food & drinks

As with all Travsessed Adventure Trips, we partner with locally owned companies and work very closely with local guides for a true insider experience & to help support the local communities & people of the places that we travel to. 

Trip Details:

  • Travsessed Oaxaca is an 8 day trip
  • Dates: 8/17-8/25
  • Do not book any flights until you’ve received the green light from us

Total Cost:


**shared accommodations Per Person

What’s Included:

  • 8 night stay at 4 star hotel in the heart of Oaxaca
  • 1 night stay in cozy mountain cabin
  • Local English speaking guides for all activities 
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel
  • Private transportation with AC for entire trip
  • Custom welcome package from us!
  • 6 Course food and cocktail pairing
  • Local food tour
  • Local Mezcal tour
  • Local culture walking tour
  • Local cooking class
  • 2 Day private hiking experience through the Sierre Norte Mountains w/ guides
  • Private Trip to Hierve el Aguas
  • All entrance fees on tours
  • 8 Breakfasts
  • 5 Lunches
  • 7 Dinners
  • 5 of the dinners will have alcohol drinks included
  • ALL TIPS. We will tip generously on your behalf for all guides, drivers & dining experiences so you don’t have to stress or think about it on your vacation 

What’s Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Mandatory travel insurance
  • Other activities, meals or alcohol not listed in the itinerary
  • Personal spending money
  • Optional Temazcal experience ($55 per person)

Trip Itinerary:

Subject to change…but this is the overall vibe.

We will provide a full trip itinerary, packing list, restaurant guide & more detailed trip info, once you have signed up.

Day 1


Arrive in Oaxaca! Get settled in, rest and enjoy the afternoon. 

We Will meet in the lobby for a trip meeting and then walk to our welcome dinner together!! 

Tonight is gonna be FUN!!!
Our dinner is at one of our favorite restaurants in all of Oaxaca!! 

We will get to know each other & enjoy a delicious 6 course food & cocktail tasting menu created by one of the best chefs in all of Mexico.

Meals Included: Welcome Dinner & Drinks

Day 2


Today is one of our favorite days!!! It’s definitely a highlight experience in Oaxaca for sure!!! 

We will drive outside of the city, off the beaten path, away from the crowds & into beautiful Mezcal country.

First, we will go to a few local, family run palenques and learn all about the process of making mezcal + the history and tradition behind this tasty alcohol!! 

And of course, we will also taste A LOT of mezcal so prepare for a very FUN, TIPSY DAY:)!! 

We will end the night with some delicious street food, before collapsing into your cozy beds!!

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Mezcal, & street food dinner

Day 3


We will kick off today with our friend & local food tour!

Prepare to EAT YOUR WAY through this MOUTH WATERING city!! 

We will go to the local market, meet local celebrities, try sooooo much delicious food, drink mezcal and learn all about the food, history and culture of Oaxaca!!! 

The night is yours to relax, wander the streets of Oaxaca or go have dinner (if you have the room for more food) with your new travel friends.

Meals included: breakfast, Food Tour

Day 4


We will kick off the day with a local walking tour around the city. We will learn all about the history & culture of Oaxaca.

In the afternoon we will head out of the city to a local families house where we will enjoy a delicious cooking class taught by a chef and her son!!! 

We will make homemade tortillas, memillas, salsas, moles & sooo much more….outside in their beautiful garden! 

They also make special homemade mezcal & so yes the mezcal will be free flowing again today!! Woohoo!!!! 

Meals Included: Breakfast, Cooking class & Mezcal

Day 5


Today we are going to burn off all those tortillas & experience a side of Mexico that very few tourists get to experience!! 

Today we will drive 2 hours outside the city into the Sierre Norte mountains!! 

We will spend the day with our local guide, hiking through small villages & we will spend the night in a cozy cabin surrounded by the beautiful mountains.

This will be a very memorable experience of hiking + culture + food!!!

Pueblos Mancomunados Villages: Which  are a collection of 8 remote Zapotec (Indigenous people of Mexico) villages in the  Sierre Norte Mountains.

The history of Pueblos Mancomunados is really fascinating!! 

The villages are not controlled by the Mexican government. They are self-governing and have their own president, their own laws and their own legal system. To uphold their status in the community, members must spend a year doing community service every 3 years. 

These communities are dedicated to eco tourism, and are committed to sharing their culture while protecting the environment.


The hike is not hard. We will be at higher altitude but the trail is mostly flat. 

We will be hiking for 2 days total with an overnight stay in between.

Total hiking miles today: 6-ish.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Day 6


Today we will wake up in our cabins, have breakfast and hike another 4 miles through the beautiful mountains!! 

After our hike, we will visit a local family…To enjoy an immersive farm to table….gastronomy experience together in their home.

We will spend time connecting with the family while learning all about the traditions and way of life in the communities.

After lunch we will head back to our hotel in Oaxaca city.

The evening is yours to relax, explore and recharge.

Totals hiking miles: 4-ish

Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

Day 7


Enjoy a nice relaxing, slow morning at the hotel and then you have a few options for the day.

OPTION ONE: Enjoy a FREE DAY to relax and explore on your own!
OPTION TWO: Participate in a Temazcal ceremony at 11am

We personally did a Temazcal ceremony when we were in Oaxaca and loved our experience.

But The ceremony is optional because it’s not for everyone, so we want people to choose what they feel is right for them.

It’s an old ancient prehispanic Mexican ritual used to heal, cleanse, detoxify & purify your mind, body and spirit!! 

It takes place in a brick dome shaped space where hot volcanic stones are placed in the center.

Think Sauna but not.

The ceremony is lead by a Shaman and he/she uses all kinds of herbs, special potions, liquids, sounds & chants….as he/she guides  you through the ceremony.

It gets very HOT and very INTENSE.

If you are claustrophobic…this may not be for you! (I am but was still able to do it)

This is not a religious ceremony….It’s a beautiful experience that allows you to connect to your inner self or whatever you believe in.

You can set intentions, let things go, heal, dream & connect to yourself on a deeper level..

If you decide to come on this trip….we can talk more about whether this will be for you or not.

Tonight we will all meet for another delicious group dinner at one of our favorite spots! The chef was voted best new female chef in Oaxaca… are in for a treat!! 

meals: Breakfast, Dinner & Drinks

Day 8


Today we will head out of the city for another exciting adventure!!

We will visit Hierve el Aguas, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Mexico..

Here we will visit one of the only petrified waterfalls in the world + we will enjoy a nice swim in the refreshing natural mineral springs overlooking the mountains.

On our way there, We will stop and have brunch at a local family’s house.

We will also visit the Mezcal capital of the world and take a barrel ride through the agave fields, and yes TASTE MORE MEZCAL!!!! 

That evening we will go to our favorite rooftop restaurant in Oaxaca and enjoy our final meal together! 

We will end the night by taking you to one of our favorite bars in the city for a farewell toast:)!!!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Drinks

Flight Info:

Do not book your flight until we’ve given you the green light.

All flights will arrive and depart from Oaxaca International Airport: OAX

All international flights will first go through Mexico City.

You can usually find a better deal if you book your  flight to Mexico city and then book directly through Aeromexico from Mexico city to Oaxaca. 


Oaxaca has been inhabited since 11,000 BC.

Where is Oaxaca?

Southwestern Mexico

Is Oaxaca Safe?

Oaxaca is one of the SAFEST cities & states in all of Mexico.

There are 16 indigenous groups in Oaxaca. That’s more than any other state in Mexico.

Local Currency:

Mexican Pesos

Local Language:

Spanish is the main language but there are 16 indigenous languages spoken throughout Oaxaca

Elevation of Oaxaca:

5,102 Feet

Time Zone:

Central Standard Time: CST


Weather in Oaxaca in August  is gorgeous.

It’s dry, sunny with highs in the 80’s & lows in the 50’s.

Why Travel With Travsessed

We’re Kim & Erran, a healthcare traveling couple & the founders of travsessed.

We are travelers who are obsessed with travel!! We love traveling and researching & planning and we put our heart, souls and so much love and thought into every single detail and trip that we plan!!

We create one of a kind, small group, boutique travel experiences for healthcare workers (and their friends or partners)

We plan & organize all the things…so all you have to do is show up & have a good freakin time!!

We work closely with small local businesses, friends, and local guides to create a unique, one of a kind experience that you will not find anywhere else!!

We always get off the beaten path & dive into the local culture, food, people & experiences!

We go beyond the surface & way past the “highlights” to create experiences that will give you a deeper perspective, understanding & appreciation for the places you visit.

And we have a lot of fun along the way!!!

What Other Travelers Are Saying:

My trip to Peru with Kim & Erran was packed full of the perfect amount of everything my soul needed from, adventure to relaxation to communing with some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. Truly had the time of my life and look forward to embarking on another Travsessed adventure soon! Keep on doing what your doing. Travel changes a person to their core for the better and I really believe you two are fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Lori J

Just got back from the most amazing trip to Machu Picchu in Peru with Travessesd!! It was truly an adventure trip of a lifetime! I can’t say enough good things about Kim and Erran and the whole Travessed experience- from start to finish it was perfectly planned and executed with a focus on excellent, beautiful, epic adventures where we were immersed in the local culture of Peru

Linda R

Travsessed Peru was the most well-thought-out, adventurous, incredible trip! Kim and Erran do such an amazing job at creating a culturally immersive and unique journey! The group was an instant family that motivated and inspired each other the whole way! I couldn’t have planned a better trip to Peru, and I wouldn’t trade the memories, tears, laughter and love for anything!

Emily K

Kim and Erran put on the best trip imaginable!! Not only did I get to experience a new country for the first time but I got to meet some of the most amazing people to do it with ♥️ I love that we didn’t just do “touristy” things but got to experience a lot of the culture. I would do it again in a heartbeat. 100/100

Ashley R

Spots are Extreemly limited!!

Join Us In Mexico: Save Your Spot Now


Don’t worry about that because 90% of our groups are ALL solo travelers too!!

You’ll meet so many cool, like minded friends on this adventure!! 

We have so many lasting friendships created from these trips.

 By the end of the trip, we will ALL be one big happy family!!! 

The adopted Travsessed motto has become: “Come as Strangers, Leave as Family”

If you are coming with a friend or partner you will be rooming with them, If you’re traveling solo, No worries, so are most people who come on Travsessed adventure Trips, so you’ll be in good company.

We’ll do our best to pair you with someone we think you’ll click with based on your intake forms.

Anyone with an open mind & a positive attitude are welcome on our trips! Our trips tend to be 90% healthcare workers just because that is who we are and the community that we talk to.

But if you have a friend or partner that doesn’t work in healthcare that wants to join…they are more than welcome:)!!!

We say that it’s always the PEOPLE that make the experiences so memorable & FUN!!

Our trips attract really fun, high vibe, open minded, down for anything kind of humans!!! 

We do almost everything together on our trips!! We get very close very fast! 🙂

This is your trip and we want you to make it exactly what you want! There’s a lot to see and experience, so we’ve tried to design an itinerary that’s a balance of adventure with some down time sprinkled in.

We always leave room for some FREE TIME, but we’re together 95% of the time!!!

That being said our trips are pretty go go go & if you need to rest or recharge you are always free to opt out of an activity for some alone time!!

We totally understand that and you are in good company because the majority of people on our trips….come alone & they don’ t know anyone when they arrive.

We create a very friendly & inclusive vibe from the beginning and we all become fast friends.

We do all the planning and organizing for you!! We plan trips based on our own experience in that destination while also using all the tips and insider knowledge from local guides and friends that we meet along the way!! 

All you have to do is get yourself there….we take care of the rest!! 

I’m nervous to book because I have never traveled outside the country before, there are lots of things that I do not know how to do, and what if I make a mistake.

When we say we have you covered, we have you covered.  We provide a FB Group, WhatsApp Group Chat, direct access to us via email, so we can walk you through anything you might not know how to do.

We also send you a packing list, places and restaurants to check out during your downtime,  how to get local currency, tips, local facts to familiarize yourself with the local area, visa information, customs information, and will provide video details of airports, and will have a driver there that we are in constant contact with and have worked with before to pick you up from the airport and bring you to the hotel where we will be there to greet you and get you checked into your hotel room.

In other words, We got you!!! 

Yes, it is mandatory for all guests on Travsessed Adventures to have personal travel insurance for the duration of the trip. We recommend you book your travel insurance as soon as you make your trip deposit to protect your investment. (We will send more info about insurance upon booking)

All payments are non-refundable. If the trip must be postponed or cancelled due to events beyond our control, you will be offered the choice between a full refund and applying your payments to a future trip.

The reason payments are non-refundable is that we start incurring costs from the moment someone signs up — from credit card fees to our local vendors & organizers coordinating and booking everything on the ground for our group and beyond.

Thank you so much for your understanding and respect of our need to enforce this policy strictly. 
We are excited to share so many incredible adventures with you.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]