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Fast Track Your Success With Travelers School


Do you want to make a change but feel overwhelmed or confused about where to begin?


Are you hesitant to travel because it feels like such a big step & you aren’t sure if it’s really worth it?


Are you already travelling, but feel like you aren’t thriving?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, Then Travelers School will give you the momentum and clear path that you need to move forward!!

Travelers School is an 8-module course that helps travelers go from Overwhelmed, Confused & Hesitant to Confident, Excited & Prepared with a clear path forward.

You will get FULL ACCESS to the course inside of the Membership + you’ll get an EXCLUSIVE direct line of communication to us for extra support & to have all of your Q’s answered quickly.

You Never have to worry about feeling confused or unclear ever again!!! 

Make More Money, Create More Freedom & FAST TRACK Your Success NOW with Traveler’s School.

Travsessed Events & Trips: Meet YOUR people…

Do you want to travel and have more fun adventures, but you don’t have anyone who can take time off work to go with you?

Are you nervous about travelling alone?

Do you feel overwhelmed with planning and organizing all the logistics of a trip?

Worry no more because this is where we come in.

Creating and Planning incredible experiences for Travelers is our Expertise!!   

The Membership community events and trips help travellers find “Their People.”  Have Fun and new Experiences and create friendships with people who share similar lifestyles and interests.


Bucket List Adventures With Built-In Like-Minded Friends…



Being a member gives you access to Exclusive Meetups And Discounts on all Travsessed trips!!

Join The Membership Today & get full access for only $9.99 per month, you can cancel at anytime

Meet The Creators Behind Travsessed

Hi, we’re Kim and Erran. We’re a veteran travel couple with over 13 years of knowledge and experience.

Through teaching & creating courses, podcasts & workshops + speaking at conferences and colleges all over the US, we’ve been able to help thousands of people:


Prepare for & feel confident to travel


Eliminate confusion & create a clear path forward


Avoid the same costly mistakes that we made


Set themselves up to THRIVE as a traveller

We not only love to teach about traveling, but we also love creating experiences that bring like-minded friends together IN REAL LIFE!! 

We have now planned and hosted 11 international trips with 100+ other travellers. 
Travsessed Trips and Events create a unique opportunity for people with similar lifestyles and interests to meet, connect, and share epic adventures.

The friendships that are created from these in-person experiences are truly priceless!! 

The Travsessed membership combines our love for teaching and sharing knowledge while also creating one-of-a-kind experiences that bring the travel community together IRL!!
We are so happy that you are here:)

We will see you inside.


Verified Purchase

“You’re not only educating people on the ins and outs of travel…but also the meaning of life. This course is INVALUABLE!!”


Verified Purchase

“You guys changed my perspective, changed my life.
Thank you, for everything you do. Good luck with this next chapter.”

Charlene T

Verified Purchase

“Kim and Erran cultivate a vibe and a positive energy with their adventure trips, and are able to bring a big group of people together like family from the start”

Adam A

Verified Purchase

“There is no other resource out there like it! Travelers School is clearly outlined, easy to follow, very informative and fun! It is most definitely worth the money as an investment for my future. With Travelers School, I feel emboldened, empowered and enlightened as a practitioner about to embark on a travel life adventure!”

Michelle G

Verified Purchase

“The moment I met you two, I felt like we were long time friends. You have the ability to make strangers feel like family in an instant.”

Lori J

Verified Purchase

“Wow! What a trip! Ok, I am now obsessed with Travsessed! I travel the world often and sometimes do group trips, but this was my first Travsessed trip, and I can honestly say, after 45 countries, this Travsessed Bali trip was the best trip I’ve ever done in my life! I cannot thank Kim and Erran enough for an incredibly unique experience that just can’t be duplicated or replicated, except for on a Travsessed trip with other healthcare travelers. This group bonded and became friends so fast and so easily to the point where we all left as family, and I’ve just never had that kind of travel experience before.This was my first Travsessed adventure, but most definitely will not be my last! Thank you so much Kim and Erran for your expert guidance, planning, and leading of this incredible trip!!!”

Colin C

Verified Purchase

“Utilizing their strategy in Travelers School, I was able to negotiate $245 more a week than what was originally offered. This is a course that actually pays for itself many times over. Thank you Kim & Erran.”


Verified Purchase

“Kim and Erran do such an amazing job at creating a culturally immersive and completely unique journey! The group was an instant family that motivated and inspired each other the whole way! I couldn’t have planned a better trip to Peru, and I wouldn’t trade the memories, tears, laughter and love for anything!”

Emily C

Verified Purchase

“Kim and Erran continue to knock it out of the park with Travsessed trips! The amount of time they put into making your trip unforgettable is truly amazing. These trips have been an absolute blessing for me. So buckle up and enjoy the best freakin' ride you have ever been in!” Travsessed: Peru, Patagonia, Bali, Greece, Everest “I am only half way through traveler's school, and I'll tell you- my confidence has skyrocketed because of this course.”

Theresa A

Verified Purchase

“Thank you for your constant support! You guys are such advocates for happiness and simply radiate joy! I think it makes what we do so much more special”


Verified Purchase

“So glad you started Travelers School, it made the transition to travel so much easier for me. Keep following your dreams, wherever they may lead you.”

Gayle K

Verified Purchase

“Travelers School is the best advice anyone can get if they want to be a traveler, or even for those who are already traveling. The modules have taught me so much already.”

Susie F

Verified Purchase

“I have learned valuable information from the Traveler's School you both have created. I watch it over and over again catching different information each time. Thank you for all the time and effort you both have spent to make such a wonderful format and the wealth of knowledge contained in the course.”

Yvette W

Verified Purchase

“Kim and Erran take complicated concepts and break them down in a way that makes it super easy to understand and digest…they make learning FUN!!”


Verified Purchase

“I would 100 percent recommend Travelers School. ! It has already saved me money, and time Everything in one spot, and you have access to it forever! Also, Kim and Erran are incredible and will answer any personal questions you may have! Highly suggest it!! They answered questions I didn't even know I had.”


Verified Purchase

“Traveling with Kim and Erran is such a special, one of a kind experience. They are phenomenal with their research and planning of all of the travsessed trips- I have gone on 23 so far and all three  have been life changing. Everything is planned so all you have to do is book your flight and show up which makes it so much easier for me! I’ve met and made lifelong friends through these trips and learned so much about my comfort zones, different cultures, opening my mind to the world around me and I’m so grateful to spend it with travsessed adventures.”

Lauren L


You can cancel your monthly membership anytime

You will have access to all the things for as long as you are a member:) The MS is value-packed and we hope that you stick around for a very, very long time:)

Yes, you do! You will get instant access to Module One and the remaining modules will be released each week afterwards. 

Inside of TS: You’ll Learn EVERYTHING You Need To Jumpstart Your Career As A Healthcare Traveler And Set Yourself Up For Success Based On Over 13 Years Of Travel Experience

You can access all the content inside the membership, including the course, on your phone, iPad and a desktop platform.

As a TS student, you have lifetime access to the course. Email us at hello@imtravsessed for more info on how to get access to the app.

We plan to start quarterly meetups, and we will see how they go. If the community loves them, we may add more over time.

The location will change with each meetup. We will do a poll inside of the membership with location options and we will choose the location that has the highest percentage of votes.

Yes!! This is one the biggest perks of being in the Travsessed Membership. Members will always get first dibs to sign up (After Travsessed Adventure Trip Alumni), + you’ll get a special discount code for each trip launch.

Travelers School will teach you all of the logistical things to fast-track your success as a traveller.

The workshops will focus more on fun lifestyle things & inspiring topics.
(Think: Finances, Travel Hacking & Points, Trip Planning, Entrepreneurship, How To Make Money with Airbnb, Starting Side Hustles, Starting a Blog, Van Life, RV Life, Healthy living, Traveling with Kids, etc)

Remember there is no such thing as a free lunch, when apps are free they use ads, sponsorships, etc. to support the cost of running the service, along with the time spent to put energy into creating a resource.  

Think of podcasts and streaming apps that are free and are filled with ads and commercials throughout. If you pay a higher amount, you can get those services without ads or interruptions.  

With our app, we want this to be ad- and sponsorship-free but at a base affordable rate so that, as a community, we can be the deciding factor when it comes to the resources provided. You are not flooded with messages, ads, and commercials that get in the way of the information you want.  

The more time we, as the creators of this app, have the more resources we can bring to you all as a community. Think more content, meetups, and features.  You’re helping create the best app resource for healthcare travellers.

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