Welcome to the mini-course

Intro Video Highlights

  • After 10 Years will we stop traveling?
  • 10-Year Travel Highlight Video
  • The Blueprint is Set, Just Gotta GO!!

Video #1: A Brief Look Into travel life

Video #1: Highlights

  • What is a Dreamer?
  • Our Intro, Mission, and Story (briefly)?
  • Students are in a Great Place to Travel
  • What We Wish We Knew Before We Started

Video #2: is traveling right for you

Video #2: Highlights

  • What Traveling is Really Like?
  • Is Traveling Right For You?
  • The Lifespan of a Traveler
  • The Life of a Traveler, and What To Expect
  • Traveler Burnout

Video #3: Financial Prep for Traveling

Video #3: Highlights

  • Financial Prep For Travelers
  • Freedom of Traveling
  • Loving the Adventure
  • Everything is Figure-out-able
  • Our Personal Financial Starting Point
  • Time-off as a Traveler
  • Company Housing vs. Finding Your Own (Briefly)

Video #4: First Days and Insurance

Video #4: Highlights

  • Always Being the New Kid
  • First Days and New Ways
  • Living your Life In 3 Month Increments
  • Comfort Zones
  • Insurance for Travelers (brief)
  • Learning and Experience

Video #5: Solo Traveling vs Couples/Families

Video #5: Highlights

  • Solo Travel vs. Couples/Families

Video #6: Personality Traits to Have as a Traveler & Traveling With Pets

Video #6: Highlights

  • Personality Traits for Stand Out Travelers
  • Interviews and Evaluations
  • Building a Relationship with Your Recruiter
  • Traveling with Pets (brief)
  • Personality Traits vs. Skills
  • Fears and Nerves of Traveling

Video #7: Big Positives of Travel Healthcare

Video #7: Highlights

  • Big Positives of Traveling
  • Planning Vacations While Traveling
  • 401k, Investments, and Benefits (very brief)

Video #8: How To Prepare for Travel Life and Set Yourself Up For Success

Video #8: Highlights

  • The #1 Thing You Can Do If You Are Ready To Travel
  • What You Can Negotiate and Why
  • Understanding WHY
  • Why Saving Time Equals More Money

Video #9: how travelers school works

Video #9 Highlights

  • How Travelers School Works
  • What’s In Travelers School
  • All Recruiters Not Created Equal
  • Empowered Travelers

Video #10: the q & a

Video #10 Highlights

  • Live Q & A from an Exclusive Training
  • International Travel
  • Bad Assignments
  • Housing
  • Gym’s and Working Out While Traveling
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Pro’s and Con’s on Companies
  • Working PRN while on Assignments

Video #11: Why travelers school

Video #11 Highlights

  • Meet Kim and Erran
  • About Travelers School
  • Travelers School Walkthrough

Video #12: Testimonials from our students

Video #12 Highlights

  • Travelers School Testimonials
  • See what real students are saying about Travelers School
  • Students from all walks of life and experiences share their biggest wins, biggest fears, & biggest takeaways from Travelers School