Go To Links for Specific Page Affiliate Links

Homepage Link: https://imtravsessed.com/

**This link is already set up for you with your custom ID so that if anyone comes to the page from your link and purchases anything from the site you get credit**

Travelers School Direct Link: https://imtravsessed.com/sp/travelers-school/

This specific link can be used if you want to give your community a direct link to the Travelers School information/sales page to enroll so that they do not have to go into the home page and find Travelers School, although it is super easy to find, LOL!! This is the link that you would put in to get a direct link to the Travelers School Page, and can also create your own campaign to watch.

Travsessed Backpack Direct Link: https://imtravsessed.com/shop/backpack/travel-backpack/

Same as the direct link to Travelers School, but for the Backpack, same info for Campaigns as described in the video, so that way if you had ideas for Travelers School and specifically had a strategy that worked for you, you could track that individually and set up a new campaign for the Backpack, so that you can track what works and what didn’t……only if that kinda of stuff interest you and it matters, LOL!!

Travsessed Merchandise Direct Link: https://imtravsessed.com/shop/

Same info from above just a different Link.

Hope all of this helps, we are here to help and guide you with anything you need along the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

We are so glad that you are excited to be apart of the Travsessed Team, because we are so excited for what is to come. #imtravsessed

Map Your Own Path, and ALWAYS Stay Travsessed

Kim and Erran